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Spice Island Divers is perfectly situated in the best spot in Ambon Bay. Our secluded location is just next to the world famous "Twilight Zone" dive site. The resort was purpose built with all the needs of divers in mind. Our fantastic team will go out of their way to ensure you have an excellent time during your visit with us.


The Spice Islands.

The Spice Islands got their name due to the nutmegmace, and cloves that were endemic to the area. These spices sparked colonial interest from Europe in the 16th century and resulted in the first circumnavigation of the earth amongst other world-changing events. While the European explorers often get the attention, they were, in fact, last of Arab, Indian and Chinese traders to discover these rich islands


Pieter Bleeker

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Francisco Serrão


Ferdinand Magellan​


Zheng He

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In 1863 Dutch Ichthyologist Pieter Bleeker was the first to record  783 species of fish in Ambon bay alone. This number is astounding considering the basic means he used to collect them and document them.

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